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Earth is Space Australia

Humans are Space Orcs

So I’ve noticed a meme or trend in fiction lover’s circles. The concept that compared to the rest of the galactic neighborhood, humans are the meanest hombres in space. Fictionally of course. I see lots of short little stories where the things we do to ourselves frighten and flabbergast alien coworkers and shipmates. Of course all this is based on the idea alien notions of survival and aggression are really, really alien. No other worlds as dangerous as ours had any intelligent life rise to the top of the food chain.

Firstly; fear. We have what is galactically regarded as an unhealthy relationship with fear. Aliens know fear is there to keep you alive. Humans however face their fear. Humans do things that terrify them over and over again, just to perform at their peak.

Fun. Humans practice unarmed combat, even making a sport of beating each other bloody, and we think its great fun, even betting money on the outcome. We love the adrenaline fueled rush of speeding, watching horror movies, and roller coasters. We even seek out good stress.

Adaptability is practically a soothing pastime. People who exercise to train for competition reach a plateau where they cannot make anymore gains, so they have to amp up the rigor of their workout, and they do it gladly. “That hurts good.”

We are apex predators, but not because we’re faster, stronger, have sharper claws or teeth. Just about any lion or tiger will eat us. Heck, even our simian cousins would clean our clocks in an out and out fight. We’re apex predators because we can imagine how to kill a tiger. We invent tools to give us the claws and teeth to do the stabby part of the job. We cooperate with each other to attack and overwhelm an enemy’s weakness to win.

We love space for the challenge. It’s not easy but we do it anyways.

Mild mannered aliens fear us. For good reasons. Earth is to outer space what Australia is to us. Dangerous. 

It’s a good thing we love adventure.


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