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Hello space exploration enthusiasts. I love science fiction. I love the adventure, the possibilities, the potential, the turbo charged imagination. I absolutely love visualizing me in that scenario running for my life, dodging laser blasts, thinking ‘I’m gonna get a kiss from the space princess when suddenly there is a murder fan at the bottom of a vertical shaft, annnnnnd the illusion of reality goes out of bounds. Why?

We all understand Star Trek’s transporter was a way to save finite production money on special effects, and the unreliability of the transporter was simply to provide dramatic tension. We also noticed in science fiction if a starship lost all power and life support and sustained critical damage to every other system, and the main characters visited the stricken vessel, artificial gravity always works. It just feels so lame that happens in film because it’s too expensive and difficult to do a zero-gravity special effects shot in the filmmaking world.

We often get the feeling the filmmakers have no experience outside of filmmaking so they fill the dialogue with gobbley-gook nonsense. Those kinds of things just sort of stand out to anyone with either any scientific training or real life experience doing the action packed stuff like what you see in movies and sort of twist the experience until we chant in unison, “I want to believe, I want to believe,…” but it’s not working.

I think science fiction from actual science often seems,… boring to audiences. I have enough experience in the world to know you can’t sell what people don’t want to see. So it’s the dumbed down sci fi major motion picture franchise all over the media for the foreseeable future as shallow as your typical puddle. The same sort of stories that fail basic human dignities, like having a space toilet on a space ship.

So to those of us annoyed by the failsafe gravity and the techno babble, the website Atomic Rockets, put together by Winchell Chung and dedicated to science of science fiction “the way God and Heinlein intended,” this is your website. I personally have written a number of fiction stories, of which none will ever be published so don’t ask….

I am writing this blog post in the spirit of the science-of-science fiction because, I just want to rant sometimes. The reality is that I’m a sugar-fueled naked monkey with a vague plot goal, stabbing a handful of digits at a keyboard and calling what comes a beginning, and middle and a metaphor, which is also the reason my stuff will never be published.

You know though, my point in this blog post is to say some people, really like something closer to reality in our science fiction. Call it Hard Science Fiction.

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