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So why sell starship blueprints?

So why sell starship blueprints?

The answer is simple. And it’s gonna sound a lot like Captain Kirk pushing out glorious arguments in the exact same way the famous captain produces an executive bowel movement.

I love blueprints of starships because they represent potential; Human potential, human drive, and a thorough love of exploration. I really, really wish I lived in the kind of universe I could just go out to the big black and see, experience and do.

Right now those impulses and desires are confined by physics to my own and other’s artwork. I can barely understand science, and I’m not a hundred percent sure what I comprehend is what the science is really about. But that doesn’t matter as much as the language of feelings. Art in its visual, musical, or any other form is the conveyance of feelings. If you’ll please forgive another Trek reference, my desire to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before, takes me to… blueprints. Starship blueprints, specifically.

I plan to cover creative, technical, and artistic [read feelings here] aspects of the ‘starship blueprint genre,’ and I may indulge in the occasional nerdy dad joke too. Personally I thought the executive bowel movement was a pretty good joke. I am practicing creating my own blueprints of various famous starships, and quite possibly some of my own ideas and designs. Probably other stuff too. I’m still jotting ideas down.

I’m also trying to think of a good jazz music joke to insert here, but I’ve got nothing…

In any case, I’ve set up a website, through which this blog is published, to sell space exploration merchandise; primarily cheap Chinese ‘space’ jewelry and blueprints from Star Wars. In any case, I plan to have fun, learn some things about online commerce, and maybe improve my stick figure drawing skills.

Speaking of Kirk’s bowel movements, has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of ‘space toilets’ in nearly all science fiction? I mean Firefly has a peeing scene in a folding toilet, and Star Citizen spaceship come with ‘showlettes’, a shower/toilet combo. Even the International Space Station has a toilet which I personally think should’ve been named the COLBERT, but I digress. I’m not an expert but that’s a weird toilet-less design flaw of the great Sci-Fi starships, and an embarrassing one at that.

Till we meet again.


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