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Space X is cool

Space X is cool.

So people seem to either hate or love Elon Musk. He’s been called the real life Tony Stark, which in the Marvel universe people also seem to either love or hate. Why? I don’t know for sure but incidentally I won’t go into here. Rather I’m going to be vulnerable. About myself.

I’ve spent over a decade working in law enforcement. In my career I’ve dealt with some pretty lousy cases that put a real spot light on human degradation. I’ve also watched investigators lose their center, their souls in absolute terms, and just turn dark inside. Honestly, I was degrading too. I could feel bad attitude seeping inside and dripping down my psych in the same way Canadian ‘mafia’ syrup drips down your esophagus. My fellow investigators and analysts were all turning toward the dark side; then I discovered something unexpected.

I worked a case; a drug dealer selling drugs specifically to keep the air-conditioning on in the middle of the summer for his kids and his baby momma. I thought back to all the criminals I’ve analyzed, and I realized I couldn’t remember a single one who wanted to watch the world burn. Sure, some of them thought bombing a school bus full of nuns was effective process to remake the world, but they were absolutely motivated to make the world better. Unfortunately criminals and terrorists do what they do for the purest of reasons. Their methods sucked, but as they saw it, and now as I saw it, they care about making a better life for their family/people/tribe/gang/political party/whatever. That concept changed my life though if some of them succeed in changing the world I probably wouldn’t live through the change.

Honestly though I just wish my father would stop talking politics at dinner. I’m afraid if a woman ever falls in love with me, when I bring her home to meet the folks, she may just fall right back out of love with me.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah; Elon Musk.

Okay, I like that Musk made his billions, and then turned his attention to solve the big problems in the world today. The same existential threats we futurist fanboys dream up lots of cool ideas to solve, Elon actually did something about it. Space X, Tesla, whatever his solar energy company is named are all tackling several humongous problems that if left unchecked have the potential to destroy humanity.

  1. Resource depletion
  2. Extinction Level Event i.e. pandemic, planet killing asteroid/comet impact
  3. Transportation
  4. Energy

Look deep inside of yourself. If you were a billionaire tomorrow, would you address these kind of problems, or would you succumb to the temptation to spend your wealth on your lusts? For myself personally, I could talk the talk but I’m not so sure I could walk the walk. I’d sure like the opportunity to try though, just in case God reads blogs and is in a particularly good mood. You know. Just in case.

At any rate, my point is this: Space X is cool because for good or for bad, they’re trying provide humanity something better and patently staying far away from watching the world burn.

That’s all folks.


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