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The "No Compromise Game"

Star Citizen was originally proposed as the no-compromise game. Kickstarter people love.  Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games are building Star Citizen, a two part game; Star Citizens is an MMO persistent universe game and Squadron 42, a single player FPS space adventure game where the locations, technology, game options are used in both games and are currently under development. The primary concept is to make the game universe realistic at the level where you have to apply your own personal real world experience to solve problems in the game, and if the graphics are any indication, they are succeeding. What this means is that you go into an apartment, your find a toilet and shower, food in the kitchen, you can open the fridge. Space is dangerous IRL [in real life] and so space is dangerous in Star Citizen too and sometime the answer to a problem in Star Citizen is the same as it is in real life. You gotta chuck a can or pork and beans at someone's head.

In Star Citizen, you are the character and you make your way in the universe under your own power using your own skills, knowledge and honestly a little bit of luck. Just like in real life, you have good days, and you have bad days. Since there are no archetypal characters, you choose what you want to do to make a living in the game day by day; and yes, Star Citizen has a realistic economy. It is the kind of realism that you have to eat to live, earn money to just to buy fuel for your star ship.

Unlike most games, if you go on a murder spree you will be hunted down and sent to prison where you as a player have to serve actual play time in prison to get out legally [up to 12 hours of game time, sitting in prison]. The higher sentences balance with crimes for which a player can earn a large bonus. Some gamers love that aspect of the game.  You can also escape prison, becoming an escaped convict with a bounty on your head. Exciting.

The goal as this writer understand it is Chris Roberts doesn’t want the Rule-Of-Cool physics, but something much more Newtonian. The major downside people scream about online is the long development time. That seems to be the compromise you get when you are building a no compromise game.  This is likely the most open and accessible game project in the world right now.

Current things/professions/missions in the game are:

  • Mining asteroids and planet-side caves for raw minerals to sell
  • Bounty hunter missions
  • Mercenary protecting NPCs and other players for money
  • You can go pirate if you just start robbing other star ships
  • Drug running
  • Shipping freight
  • Smuggling
  • Sight seeing
  • And others I’m probably not aware of

Planned aspects of the game:

  • Property ownership
  • Medical, [you can buy an ambulance star ship]
  • Salvage
  • Exploration of new and undiscovered star systems
  • Data broker
  • Signal intelligence collection with a stealthy electronic interception starship
  • And others I’m also probably not aware of

Some of the videos on YouTube are amazing. One guy and his IRL wife go out on Star Citizen Dates, they also work together to survive, and just because things are happening all over the ‘verse, this couple have what I feel is the truly brilliant thing about Star Citizen. You really never know what is going to happen. Any adventure, and mission, anything you could do in real life can take an unexpected turn into a different adventure because other players are having their adventures too, and there is no separation between you and them. Just like in real life, people passing you on the street are having their own adventures, and adventures get mixed together.

I really, really like this game.

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