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To Jewel, Or Not To Jewel,...

I’m not jewelry fan. I’ve never worn jewelry so much as I’ve worn practical tools. I just never felt jewelry was a good look on me. I’ve worn a watch since I was a little kid but for me, a watch isn’t jewelry, its practicality. I’ve been interested in things that have a purpose and so Every Day Carry [aka EDC] was a thing for me. I’m glad EDC is evolving into more than just what fits in your pockets as I carry a bag much of the time with a Leatherman tool, several good fountain pens, pocket knife, I can’t seem to keep my watch from breaking of course. I carry a flashlight, and an IFAK hidden in a pocket. But my EDC isn’t the point.

The point is I learned about subtle nuances in things. Honestly I didn’t know there were subtle nuances. This is how it happened for me.

 One day a good friend asked me how I’m doing. Of course I tell him ‘I’m fine’ but my friend being the kind of dude he is challenged me. He insisted I actually think about how I am doing before I answer him, and I was forbidden to use the word ‘good’ or any other generic abomination of unthinking platitudes.

I realized I always default to the standard American greeting response; I’m fine, when in fact I’m feeling something,… anything else. I also discovered I didn’t have the skill where I could match my feeling with the vocabulary to describe what’s going on inside. I literally couldn’t put my finger on what I felt at any given moment. Its good practice for me that every time I see anyone in that group of dude friends, I stop and think seriously, really a quick meditation, looking at the subtleties of how I feel.

So now you all know I hang out with a bunch of weird dudes,Weird Dudes; image from Pixabay but there was a secondary effect and that is what this essay is about. I began to notice lots of other subtle things in other areas of life too. I don’t know if this is causal or correlation but I noticed what I wore and did affected what I thought of myself. If I wore nicer clothes, combed my hair, cleaned the garbage out of my car, and made my bed, I was better. I noticed that I felt better, and I did things better. I suddenly could reach goals a little easier. In fact I was measurably better. For instance, I tried yoga one day and that was better than I thought. I have always set goals, but I never really succeeded at reaching them so I learned if I do this thing where I sort of meditate into my journal, writing down my thoughts, then I discover what kept me from reaching my goals. It wasn’t the environment; it was almost always my attitude or fears. Who knew.

I could suddenly see many various hues of green in the natural environment around me or slight differences in the color of the sunset as I panned across the sky.  In noticing the beauty of the world and people around me, I noticed that I had my own version of beauty too. I still don’t think I look good in too much jewelry, but I feel a simple bracelet or ring just gives me a five point advantage over what I used to be. I still carry my EDC, but it’s not so tacticool, out where everyone can see it.

I believe nowadays, there is a certain practicality in beauty that I hadn’t noticed before. Now wearing a little bit of jewelry, for me, is a good thing. Not something I would’ve done before, but I’ve changed. I like who I’ve become.

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