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When My Sense of Art Does Not Equal My Ability

Why Wall Art?

So I’m a fan of art. In my more artistic youth I felt a desire, almost a primal need to get the images out of me and onto the page, I couldn’t get the image accurate enough to match the vision I had. Eventually I gave up, regressing back to stick figures. The thing is, the only style I ever tried to do was super high-fidelity science fiction drawings or paintings. Since then I’ve found a real appreciation for geometric shapes and earthy colors. It feels masculine to me. I’m not crazy or hyper-male, art is in the eye and feel of the beholder. And Jazz. I believe some of the best musicians on the planet play jazz music.

I took up writing science fiction, based on scientific reality, ergo my other blog posts. Though I’m not a scientist, I understand it because I use it. Because of that, I like hard science fiction, or at least something that doesn’t boggle my government trained analytical mind.

Sometimes I just, this is going to sound weird, but I just go to the home page and stare at the image. It’s stunning to me. I realize that isn’t astro-photography, more like orbital planetary photography, but that doesn’t change the awe I feel when I see that image.

I’ve just updated the website, and I used the same image again.

I have been blessed to work in photography. But I wasn’t a very good photographer. I found that my pictures of buildings and landscapes were the best, I think because I just wasn’t ever quick enough to get the emotion or the action when my subjects did things or moved around. Architectural photography became my go to. Hmm, maybe astro-photography should be my next hobby gig.Defense Information School, Color Photo Project [Perspective], Spring 1999

A couple months ago I found a website for sale featuring Space related wall art and Jewelry. I bought it, and here I am, blogging for SEO traffic. I’ve certainly built something with this website even though by mine, and probably anyone else’s estimation it’s not very much. My choice of artistic products relies on my sense of what looks good, which brings me back around to my original point of this essay; I am a fan of art, and I’m trying to sell artsy things that appeal to me.



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